We're beginning peer review on the new RIPE Reader!

The RIPE website has been updated this week. Take a look! There are a few new pictures still to be added after tweaking to fit the required dimensions, but the substance is current.

We are well into the editorial process for the eighth RIPE Reader and have begun the peer review process for contributing chapters. About half the total are already in peer review or will be ready soon. For an overview of the theme, contributors and chapter titles, take a peek at the RIPE@2017 Reader link on the website navigation bar. 

The RIPE@2017 Reader will be published by Nordicom in late 2017 or early 2018. When, exactly, depends on the peer review process. The contributions are developed versions of a cross-section of the best papers from the RIPE@2016 conference in Antwerp, Belgium last autumn, with a couple of invited chapters to cover areas the editors felt needed special attention. The theme is Public Service Media in the Networked Society, mirroring the conference theme. 

More soon, so please stay tuned!