Welcome to Antwerp!!

The RIPE@2016 conference is next week!! On behalf of our hosts at VRT and the University of Antwerp as well as the Free University of Brussels, welcome to everyone who will participate, and for the rest of you in the network please follow the udpates on our FB page. The programme offers a stimulating range of issues for rich discussions about Public Service Media in the Networked Society -- with a question mark to signal interrogation of key assumptions about that. We wish everyone travelling to Antwerp a safe journey.

This year we have not uploaded the conference papers to the RIPE site in advance of the conference because there were some concerns among several colleagues in the RIPE@1014 conference about 'publishing' them online, which can cause problems for some journals. In response, this website was revamped last year so that today a user can browse the site without registering, but it is not possible to download papers without being registered and having a password. They are not published, therefore, but password protected. We hope that making this change will solve the problem since things now work the same as for sites like Research Gate and Academic . edu that most of us use these days. But because we don't want to make unmerited assumptions, we won't upload any of the papers to the RIPE Library for this conference until after Greg has permission from each author to do so (i.e. after anyone at the conference has ample opportunity to decline having the paper posted behind the password).  

If you are attending the conference and want to read the papers for your workgroup in advance, which we do recommend, please contact the Chair of your group. We have advised the six Chairs to be in touch with their respective group members about several things, and they have the papers as well. There are a few papers still missing, but we expect them to be done very soon. 

Looking forward to meeting you in Antwerp!