Get Ready for the RIPE@2017 Reader and the RIPE@2018 Call!

The editing and revision work for the 8th RIPE Reader, Public Service Media in the Networked Society is nearing completion and the RIPE@018 Call for Paper Proposals as well. Both will be ready by February 1.  

The RIPE@2017 manuscript will be sent to Nordicom for the last steps in finalising the publication. We expect the book to be available in March. The editors are very pleased with both the substance and quality of the book, and feel certain the collection will make a timely contribiution to PSM theory and practice today. 

Meanwhile, the Conference Planning Group for the RIPE@2018 conference is putting the finishing touches on the Call for Paper Proposals. The ninth RIPE conference will take place in Madrid next October! We will publish the Call not later than February 1. The theme is Universalism and Public Service Media. The principle of universalism has deep historic and continuing importance in four dimensions: 1) access and reach, 2) genres and services, 3) relevance and impact, and 4) financing and attendant obligations. Universalism is an ethical requirement and practical concern for PSM. How practical is the universalism mission today? What is outdated in our understandings that require updating? What remains as relevant and vital as ever – perhaps more than before? How can universalism be accomplished across the four key dimensions? 

We hope to meet you in Madrid, and look forward to your reactions to the RIPE@2017 Reader!